Fall is almost here. It’s time for writing about August, back to school, setting goals, football, and Labor Day! Use these free ideas for encouraging student writing.

After a long summer vacation, most children will need a little time to ease back into the school routine and that includes writing. But by utilizing fun topics and themes, the transition should be a little easier!

Back to School Diorama

Now is a great time to make dioramas since most students have new shoes for school and should have a nice shoebox in their house. Have each student choose a writing prompt from below and then create a diorama of a favorite part of their summer. Attach the written pieces to the diorama and allow the students to become better acquainted by reading each other’s stories and looking at their dioramas.

Score with Goals Bulletin Board

Have each student write on the topic of “My Goals This Month”. In the essay, have him write about five goals he has for the first month of school and why he is choosing those goals. Then have him write each goal on a football and place it on a bulletin board designed to look like a football field with goal posts at each end. When he meets a specific goal, he can move his football from the field to the end zone. This is a good tool for getting students started in making goals and achieving them over a short period of time. Ask for help to MarvelEssay.com, and never again to return to the search with Do My Project for me request.

Create a Class Book

Rather than waiting for the end of the year to create a class book, make one at the beginning of the year so students can become acquainted much more quickly. Have the students complete a fill-in-the-blank and short essay sheet that tells about their favorite things, who they are, and their interests. The students can decorate their page with drawings, stickers or pictures cut from magazines. Put all of the pages in a three ring binder so everyone can enjoy looking at them. Putting the sheets in protective sleeves will keep them nicer longer.

August Writing Prompts

  • Beating the Heat
  • Summer’s Best Month
  • My August Holiday (August is the only month without a major holiday so create one!)
  • Baseball, Baseball, Baseball
  • The Case of the Disappearing Beach Ball
  • Hot, Hot, Hot!

End of Summer Writing Prompts

  • The Case of the Missing Summer Vacation
  • My Favorite Summer Day
  • I’m Glad Summer Vacation is Over!
  • Where Did Summer Go?
  • If It Were Summer Every Day

Labor Day Writing Prompts

  • The Importance of Work
  • The Best Job in the World
  • Celebrating Labor Day
  • My Dream Job
  • My Dad/Mom/Parents Work(s) Hard

Back-to-School Writing Prompts

  • Getting Ready for a New Year
  • 10 Things Every ______ Grader Should Know
  • Planning for the Best School Year Ever
  • My Goals for This Year
  • Five Things I Love about School

Football Writing Prompts

  • The Year with No Quarterback
  • The Purple Helmet Mystery
  • Another Touchdown!
  • The Football Spy
  • My Perfect Football Game
  • When the Marching Band Played Football
  • The Best Tailgate Party Ever

Enjoy a great start to the school year and get students writing early with these fun and easy back to school and early fall writing prompts and projects!

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