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As a president, you will join hundreds of college and university presidental peers from across the country who are united in their commitment to developing personal and social responsibility in the educational mission of their campuses.This collective effort aims to create an environment where students not only excel academically but also cultivate a strong sense of civic engagement and ethical decision-making. In line with this mission, our institution provides comprehensive support to students, including resources such as lab report help, to ensure their academic success. By fostering a culture of responsibility and providing necessary tools, we empower our students to become well-rounded individuals prepared to make a positive impact in their communities and beyond. Together with our presidential peers, we strive to shape the future generation of leaders who are dedicated to upholding the values of personal and social responsibility.

  1. Advocate the partcipation of students, faculty, staff and higher education institutions in public and community service.
  2. Share a resolute commitment to speak out on issues of publc concern and to articulate ideas that contribute to the common good of American and global society.
  3. Strive to influence the quality of civic discourse and to ensure that key issues of civic concern are fairly discussed in impartial forums.
  4. Support initiatives that promote productive collaborations between colleges and communities.
  5. Provide for the development of opportunities that increase student, faculty, staff and alumni involvement in citizenship-building service activities.

Leadership in Higher Education 

  • Presidental Leadership Colloquia on the national and state level to explore higher education's civic responsibility, support the civic development of college students, and national publicity that highlights presidential leadership in support of public and community service

Training and Technical Assistance

  • Research into cutting-edge knowledge related to service-learning, community-based learning, and student participation in civic engagement activities
  • National, state, and local models of integrating community service with academic study as a method for colleges and universities to address their communities and build their students' civic awareness and participation
  • Workshops, training, and conferences that promote civic engagement, citizenship, service, learning, and volunteerism
  • Collaboration, information sharing, discourse on current issues, and discussion of "Best Practices"
  • Assistance with developing strateies for the design, development, implementation and mamngemant of campus-specific civic engagement programs

Financial Support

  • Information regarding grant and other opportunities, to support institution-specific civic engagement initiatives

Resources and Publications

Public Education and Legislative Outreach

  • Both the Texas Campus Compact and national Campus Compact monitor state and national policy issues relevant to campus service and encourage legislation that supports and funds community service, service-learning, and civic engagement programs

Regional Collaborations

  • TxCC provides opportunities for networking, partnership building and cross-stream training through partnerships with K-12 institutuions, national programs such as AmeriCorps, VISTA, SeniorCorps, community-based organizations and public agencies



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