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What is Texas Campus Compact?

A state Compact is an affiliated caolition that determines its own membership policies, fees and programs to further the underlying aims of the national Campus Compact. There are 23 state-based compacts and a national center for community colleges.

A typical Compact may work with: 

  • Presidents
  • Faculty
  • Campus Community Service Coordinators
  • Students

Typical Compact activities may be to:

  • Convene groups
  • Educate and promote "best practices"
  • Lead
  • Partner
  • Improve collaboration and maximize impact at the state level
  • Expand resources

Typical Outcomes:

  • A powerful, united coalition of campuses strateically connected through service intiatives that meet the needs of the state, region and local community
  • Cultivated and committed leadership of the state's university and college presidents
  • State, local, and regional media attention
  • Targeted assistance to member institutions through site visits, conferences, consultation, clearinghouses, newsletters, publications and other resource materials
  • Collaborations and programs that respond to specific local, regional and state needs
  • Funds for campus service intiatives
  • Statewide networks of students, staff, presidents, legislators, and foundation representatives


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